Monday, September 22, 2008

Freedom poem

In search of an answer that gives us what we´re looking for
Nothing more than the denial of unknown thruts
The dust in the air, that dances between you and me
When the sunlight reaches our eyes, we transcend ourselves

With the flag raised high, with the masks covering our faces
We march, we march for the ultimate freedom
We think in everyone, in every place that we had been
And those memories are the ones which make ourselves to walk

The breeze, can you smell it? Can you smell the breeze?
The sweet and tender breeze of gasoline in the mourning
Flaming souls crossing the sky only mean that we are in war
In war, with ourselves

You, my brother my sister, you can´t walk with the fear
Don´t worry, give me your hand and together we are gona live the rest of our lives
In total freedom, in total war, in total happiness
´Cause we only gonna be free when all of us are free, are happy.

That´s way my brother, my sister, we are in war... a war with ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.